Monday, March 2, 2009

Blue chip bulls..t

Louis Navellier is becoming more and more inclredible in his comments to his subscribers.

In his latest Blue Chip Growth monthly issue he was writing (I have to "anonymize" the stock names since they are still in BCG portfolio):

It’s important to note, however, that our Blue Chip Growth Buy List has fared much better than the rest of the market. The S&P 500 has gained less than 3% from November 20 to February 20, while our Blue Chip Growth Buy List was able to beat the market 4-to-1 and post an average gain of more than 13% in this same time frame! Look at some of our best performers recently, compared to the S&P:

  • S&P 500 Index — 752.44 770.05 +2.34%
  • A?? Chemicals $23.27 $40.08 +72.23%
  • F??? Solar Energy $87.23 $134.01 +53.62%
  • G?? Materials $4.20 $5.65 +34.52%
  • F?? Engineering $29.48 $36.98 +25.44%
  • M? IT Services $120.98 $158.01 +30.61%
  • H?? Oil, Gas & Fuels $38.37 $51.59 +34.5%
It seems amazing, doesn't it? Let's now have a look at the gain/loss of those stocks in BlueChip Growth portfolio at that same day, after the average gain of more than 13%:
  • A?? -64.53%
  • F??? -50.40%
  • G?? -69.61
  • F?? -56.19
  • M? -26.87
  • H?? -44.58
Now let's notice that Mr. Navellier compared the S&P500 to his stocks for the period November 20 to February 20. I want to compare them in from the buy date to now:
A?? (blue) vs. S&P500 (red)

F?? (blue) vs. S&P500 (red)

F??? (blue) vs. S&P500 (red)

G?? (blue) vs. S&P500 (red)

H?? (blue) vs. S&P500 (red)

M? (blue) vs. S&P500 (red)

Was the Blue Chip Growth Buy List really able to beat the market 4-to-1?

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