Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This guy is really incredible!

Louis Navellier is down 27% with SOHU and he says "Sell SOHU Into Strength".

Sell SOHU Into Strength Today

A little bit of certainty goes a long way on Wall Street. Stocks exploded higher in early morning trading today after the Obama administration presented the details of the latest step in its financial rescue package.

The Dow closed up 497 points, but the real winners of the day were our Emerging Growth stocks. Baytex Energy Trust (BTE) and Whiting Petroleum (WLL) continue to lead the pack after another breakout performance, posting tremendous gains of 26.22% and 26.24%, respectively, in the last week alone. This is proof-positive of the tremendous gains our Buy List delivers—and that we truly do own the very best small-cap stocks on Wall Street!
[Just to be precise, BTE is currently gaining 19.12% and WLL, even with its 26% gain, is still DOWN 68.27%]

But I’m not content to rest on our laurels—we need to continue to refine our strategy to stay on top of the market. To that end, I have an important trade today I want you to make RIGHT NOW to take advantage of this rally. The next Emerging Growth issue is this Friday, but I don’t want you to wait to make this sell.

Sohu.com (SOHU) has been trending down in the past few days since it announced the spin-off of its gaming division last Wednesday. This is infuriating to me because the gaming segment of Sohu is why we bought this stock in the first place! In our most recent update, I said that I would hold off on making any changes to our current position in this stock until I’ve had more time to pore over the numbers. And now that I’ve looked at the facts, I’m convinced that selling SOHU immediately is the best course of action. Please sell your shares of Sohu.com tomorrow morning when the market opens to get the best exit price.
Where the hell do you see SOHU's strength?

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