Monday, April 6, 2009

Is this an April Fool?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Deadline Extended: Last Chance Midnight Tonight

With 6 stocks over 40%, 9 stocks over 30%, and 15 stocks over 10%
in just the past four months, response to our $99 Blue Chip
Growth sale has been overwhelming--yet I haven't heard from you!

That's why I've extended our $99 sale until midnight tonight:

To give you one last chance to lock in $100 in savings and one
last chance to get the names of the stocks that will reward you
this month before earnings are announced.

Don't delay.

With our top stocks set to deliver blockbuster first quarter
earnings, you simply couldn't join us at a better time.

That's because here at Blue Chip Growth we don't use flashy
trading tactics and we don?t go out on a limb for "fad
stocks"--we simply enjoy double-digit profits in today's
best-performing blue chip stocks.

And when you join us, you will too--or your money back!

Your Free Report &
Money-Back Guarantee

Grab this last chance to join us before midnight and you'll not
only lock in your $100 savings, but also receive instant access
to my new report "10 First Quarter Earnings Winners to Buy Now."

With earnings season now getting underway, time is of the

You have until midnight to grab your $100 savings, and start
profiting the Blue Chip Growth way.

Don't delay.

Go here now:

Louis Navellier
Editor, Blue Chip Growth

P.S. This is your FINAL chance to save! This deadline extension
ends promptly at midnight. Go here to grab your $100 savings:

This is BCG Portfolio. Imagine how it looked without 6 stocks over 40%, 9 stocks over 30%, and 15 stocks over 10%...

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Anonymous said...

Today's tease:

"Fellow Investor,

On November 20, 2008, I published a list of seven stocks that would lead the recovery.

Each of these stocks was carefully selected in accordance with my 8-point investing approach that has helped my readers beat the market $6-to-$1 in the past 11 years.

Today, $100,000 invested in these seven stocks is worth $154,000, even as the indexes have continued to collapse.

Louis is cleverly avoiding talking about the several dozen stocks that he also recommended over the last few months (in Blue Chip, Quantum Growth) that have tanked 25-80% during that time. Shame on you, Louis.