Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Louis Navellier and LANC

So, Louis, what should we be doing with LANC? Buy or Sell? He doesn't even know what to do...
On August 17th Mr. Navellier said to sell LANC (LANC isn’t scheduled to report earnings until later this week, but the stock has barely budged since our initial purchase 14 weeks ago. With the gloomy headlines of today, there’s no guarantee that even a stellar report will get shares moving so let’s get out now.)
One day later, Mr. Navellier tells his readers to buy LANC (Lancaster Colony (LANC) has been around since 1961 when several small glass-making businesses merged together to form one big company. Since Lancaster went public in 1969, the company's specialty foods and glassware divisions have been thriving. Lancaster has made quite a name for itself, as it's almost impossible to find a grocery store that doesn't carry at least some of this company's products. The success of these specialty brands helped Lancaster post sales in excess of $1 billion back in 1998, and the company has continued to grow ever since.
In its latest quarter, Lancaster Colony’s earnings rose 153.3% to $21.2 million or 76 cents a share, compared with $62 million or 30 cents a share in the same quarter a year ago. During the same period, the company’s sales rose 6.6% to $246 million compared with $230.8 million. Lancaster’s operating margins continue to expand impressively, which is why its earnings growth is so much stronger than sales. Remember, operating margin growth shows that a company is demanding higher prices from its products while it is keeping costs down—a great sign of efficiency and strong demand.
Lancaster Colony will offer its next quarterly report August 20—that’s in just 48 hours. The company has seen several upwards revisions to estimates recently, and that typically is an indication that the company will exceed expectations handsomely. Buy this stock immediately to benefit from the pending earnings bounce!)

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Karl - Please send every post you make to Alan Abelson and Peter Brimelow. Especially this one! They love this stuff and will give you credit.