Thursday, August 20, 2009

A quick update on John Lansing

I am not going to publish all the details (unless you really ask for them) but here is how Mr. John Lansing is performing:

Parabolic Options:

  • Average closed position in 2009: 11.58% loss (with S&P500 gaining 10% in the same time)
  • Current open position: down 33.71%


  • Average closed position in 2009: 6.69% gain (with S&P500 gaining 10% in the same time)
  • Current open position Stocks: up 6.98%
  • Current open positions ETF: down 70.60%

NOTE: I am afraid Mr. Lansing is hiding some of his trades. As an example, in his Trending123 log he is not referring to his trade with CROX, where he lost more than 73%. The CROX details are here.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate you making us aware of the real performance of these services. I personally get spam from most of them and often think to jump in just to try, but with those performances I think not!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for exposing all these frauds. I am often tempted to try these services but your blog is a strong reminder of how these charlatans just want to take our money and gamble.

Anonymous said...

Karl - Hiding a trade is fraud - send this one to the SEC, as well as Abelson and Brinelow. Also, post a link to each of your posts on the appropriate Stock Gumshoe newsletter reviews to get a jump in traffic.

Anonymous said...

Trending123/Lansing is very scammy if not an outright fraud.

Lansing closed his chatroom supposedly because he was busy with other things but imo it was because his calls were hurting many traders and he was getting more and more flack that he can't handle.

Aaron Fechter said...

I have lost 50% of my invested capital since trading ONLY on John Lansing's advice. Today, he has advised us to close the shorts we have been holding and losing money on for YEARS now! He is now convinced a few pennies pull back is the right time to close these losing positions without so much as an apology for his mistake (and mine for listening to him). Here is the letter I have written to him today:
Dear John Lansing,
You are a complete and total loser. You have sold me your trading program and cost me 10's of thousands of dollars because you have no idea which direction the market is heading.
You claim success by taking pennies on some trades, while losing 10's of dollars/share on others. I am down 50% since I met you and believed in you and held onto my shorts and listened to your "Death Cross" predictions and all the rest of your mistakes.
I will not ever trade another trade based on your predictions, and I will make sure that my experience trading with you is spread to others who hear your lies of success.
You are a huge mistake. You do not belong in this business and if there was any way to force you out of it, I would be there pushing you and trying to save others the losses you have cost me.
Screw you. You wouldn't know a double top if it hit you right in the face would you?
Aaron Fechter
Former Trending 123 client