Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Reader's Comment

I think a Reader's comment is worth more than all my analysis...

Here are my real life results with this bozzo on these stocks...
ATVI: Bought Mar/08, $18.38, now $9.26
CF: Bought Oct/08, $58.07, now $45.73
MON: Bought Mar/08, $105.98, now $76.81
MOS: Bought Apr/08, $140.11, now $34.61
POT: Actually made some $ on this one because it had gone up enough for me to sell 50% a while back.

Louis, you are a beauty! Thanks for the "advice". You were marginally up during the good times, but you are below average in these turbulant times. After about 1 year of trying your approach, I'm slowly moving these positions to my old way of doing things, because at least when I screw up, I'm not still promoting myself based on data that I pull out of my a**!

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