Monday, January 26, 2009

Some new sells for Louis Navellier

Last August Louis Navellier was positive on fertilizers.
Last October he claimes that "in case you've bought into the scare tactics about the commodities bubble, the 20% gain by CF Industries (CF) today and 17% gain in Monsanto (MON) should prove that agricultural stocks aren't dead!"

Now, in his February 2009 Blue Chip Growth issue he sells CF, MOS, MON and POT.

He also sells ATVI and PX.

All of these stocks deserve a dedicated post and you will read more in the next days...

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Anonymous said...

Here are my real life results with this bozzo on these stocks...

ATVI: Bought Mar/08, $18.38, now $9.26
CF: Bought Oct/08, $58.07, now $45.73
MON: Bought Mar/08, $105.98, now $76.81
MOS: Bought Apr/08, $140.11, now $34.61
POT: Actually made some $ on this one because it had gone up enough for me to sell 50% a while back.

Louis, you are a beauty! Thanks for the "advice". You were marginally up during the good times, but you are below average in these turbulant times. After about 1 year of trying your approach, I'm slowly moving these positions to my old way of doing things, because at least when I screw up, I'm not still promoting myself based on data that I pull out of my a**!