Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The worst stock picker ever

Do you know this guy?

If you dare to go to his website (http://www.doubleplayprofits.com/ and do not laught please) you will read:

James L. Rapholz, BA, MA Economics, is America’s respected “Professor of Personal Investing” and is editor and publisher of the top-rated precious metals and energy newsletter James L. Rapholz’s Economic Advice, and has been writing stock advisory newsletters for more than 20 years.

I received a non solicited email from this guy in August 2007. He was talking about a fantastic company called PSP Holdings that was launching a micro payment system for Africa.

This guy was screaming "buy PSPJ now at 50 cents before it goes to 1$, 2$ or even more than 5$". Then he filled his email message with a report (I am sure it was completely unreal) showing that even in case of no success, this stock would have rose to 1$.

I suspect he was payed by PSPP Holdings itself to write such bullshit so to allow PSPP shareholders to get rid of their crap with some money in their pocket.

If you ask yourself how is PSPJ going today... you have to wait a few more lines, because that is not the only smart advice I got from him.

On November 27th 2007 I got another message from this guy. He was saying:

Get in early and every $1 you invest could be worth $12 this time next year. A modest $5,000 grows to $60,000 ­ That’s a 1,200% Profit in 12 months or less. Don’t miss out on this astounding offering.
Empire Film Group (EFGU) is a ground breaking opportunity in a $28.5 billion movie industry in the U.S.

At that time EFGU was around $2.87 and it seems to me it is still much lower than the $30 this guy promised.

Another message came to my mailbox on December 17th 2007 saying:

4 Simple Reasons Why You Could Triple and Quadruple Your Money in the Next 12-18 Months Investing Now in China's #1 Resource:
* China is the fastest growing economy in the world. When Wall Street falls in love with one of its stocks, there have been gains of 350% in hours. . .2,735% in a year. . .even 3,885% in just 21 months!
* China's continued growth is being fueled by more than 450 of the top multinational corporations.
* Here's the problem: Both Chinese and foreign-invested companies cannot find enough people with the right skill sets to keep China growing!
* Even with the largest workforce in the world (total population of 1.3 billion) and a highly educated younger population (China graduated 4.13 million college students In 2006), fewer than one in ten graduates is employable by a multinational corporation.

Buy China Career Builder (OTC:CCBX) now at below $2 and look for a triple by year end! Skilled, educated workers are the key to China's continued growth!

CCBX was $0.74 at that time. Do you think it tripled to 2$ or it lost 80% if it's value?

Other great advices from this idiot expert include SCEY and TAMO. Now let's the results:

Buy PriceCurrent Price (Aug. 4th 2008)

As you see, TAMO is the Best Performer with -9%.
Congratulations Mr. Rapholz, I will give you all my money.


stocksystm said...

As always, buyer beware. There are lots of charlatans out there.

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