Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This guy has no restraint...

It is incredible what Louis Navellier is able to write in his newsletters.

From Blue Chip Growth:

our Buy List is up more than 10% from the latest "retest" of the market's lows on November 20, led by leaders like F**** (F??), up 40%, G***** (G??), up 30%, and F**** S**** (F???), up 26%.

F?? is currently down 48.02% since bought
G?? is currently down 67.09% since bought
F??? is currently down 56.22% since bought

From Emerging Growth:

Our big winners include W***** P******** (W??), S******* (S???), U**** O********* (U???), E****** (E??) and A****** (A??), which are ALL up by more than 20% since the retest!

W?? is currently down 66.14% since bought
S??? is currently down 20.62% since bought
U??? is currently down 25.34% since bought
E?? is currently down 78.56% since bought
A?? is currently down 7.39% since bought

Really Big Winners...

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