Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome to Chris Johnson

You maybe got this spam too.

Fellow Investor,
If I don’t see an easy double in an options trade, I don’t give it to you.
I’m Chris Johnson and I want you to know right at the start: the target is always a double, no less. Here at The Winning Edge, if we don’t double your money on my trades, the service is FREE.
Fair enough?
Each and every week from now on you’ll only receive trades I believe can double.
How are we doing? Well, not every trade works out, for sure. But many do.
We just closed our UltraShort Financials trade for a fast double—114.5% profit, to be precise.
We also just closed our bullish trade on Apollo Group for 97% profit. We held this position for TWO DAYS!
And Family Dollar was nice to us last week, handing us 115.7% profit IN A SINGLE DAY!
Would you like blistering hot profits like these? In the past few weeks, subscribers to The Winning Edge have also bagged
105% PROFIT in Gilead Sciences—in 4 days
102% PROFIT in Starbucks—in 4 days
92% PROFIT in Barrick Gold
81.5% PROFIT in Applied Materials—in 7 days
57% PROFIT in Nokia
31% PROFIT in Altria
24% PROFIT in Johnson & Johnson—in 3 days
These are all simple options trades recently closed out in The Winning Edge, the HOTTEST options advisory around.
We’re Closing Out, On Average,One Doubler A Week AtThe Winning Edge
That’s why I can be confident about my promise to you today: Double your money every week from now on.
No guarantees, of course, except this:
If The Winning Edge doesn’t deliver, you don’t pay.
It’s that simple.
So really, you have nothing to lose—and 52 doublers to gain over the coming year!
Join me at The Winning Edge now.
What’s Wrong WithQuicker, Bigger ProfitsWeek After Week?
I have traded options for 19 years. Let me say: it is tough to make money in stocks right now. Hats off to you if you can do it! But as you’ve seen, by choosing options my way, you can make big profits quickly in up AND down markets.
And you don’t have to be some kind of Ninja Options Master to do it, either!
ONE REASON is that this market is putting all the consensus money—the dumb money—in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s one reason why we just bagged over 114% profit in Ultra Short Financials!
REASON TWO is that, bailout promises or not, volatility is back up to sky high levels. And when volatility is high, emotions rule—and cool heads like ours can make a killing.
REASON THREE is that, long before most investors even know it, the SMART MONEY has made its move. As you might expect, it is almost never what the dumb money is doing.
Put all three reasons together and you get The Winning Edge—and double after double, fast and furious, EVERY WEEK OF THE YEAR!
And RIGHT NOW, with earnings giving shocks, banks going bust, the market having daily conniptions AND a new era blooming in Washington, well, it’s like giving a Tasmanian Devil a triple espresso!
So you see…
…This Could Be TheBest Year OfYour Investment Life…
...and I don’t want you to miss out!
Join The Winning Edge now.
Accept a no-risk trial subscription today and save $700!
The Winning Edge uses options and if you’ve never used options before, don’t worry. I use them in a very straightforward, simple way that anyone can follow. Plus, I walk you through each trade, step by step.
Once you’ve bagged your first double you’ll be a master and an addict!
We are living through some crazy markets. That’s why this has been called “the best year ever for options investors.” So your timing is perfect!
Join me today and I’ll give you one—sometimes two—doublers a week, along with fall-off-a-log simple instructions to help you place the trade confidently.
Your Winning Edge service also includes:
***Flash Alerts to get you into—or out of—doublers that are developing super-fast.
***Earnings Playbook for 2009 so you can find doublers like I do EVERY earnings season—or whenever a company is getting ready to report!
Try The Winning Edge—on me!
Try The Winning Edge out. Put my advice to the test. You can take a full ninety days and risk nothing. You have my guarantee.
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But do it today. We just closed a double in Apollo Group…and we bagged 220% in Monsanto…and made 116% profit in Family Dollar—just in the last few days! Don’t miss out on my newest trades! Get in now!
You see, there’s nothing wrong with getting richer, quicker!
Try The Winning Edge today—
it’s risk-free!
Get your Winning Edge today! We’re going for a double a week—and you should join us. Remember, it’s risk free!
Chris Johnson

Editor, The Winning Edge
Getting Richer, Quicker.

And, if you received it, you may wonder how well Mr. Johnson is doing at the moment... Here are the open positions of Mr. Johnson's portfolio (of course anonymized...)

  1. A????: 31.51%
  2. R????: -98.15%
  3. C????: -30.19%
  4. X????: -46.97%
  5. M????: -55.17%
  6. C???: 3.33%
  7. B????: -14.29%
  8. M????: 18.60%
  9. A????: -36.84%
On Average: -25.35%
I think we will meet Chris again soon...


Anonymous said...

Ha. That's...unsurprising. Thank you for the list. Do you have any information about his past track record?

Dale said...

I watched his "earnings edge" free picks during earnings season - twice. Dismal results on the most recent, no doubles, plus of course like the rest he appears to inflate his returns. Great looking ads tho.

Anonymous said...

Recent picks (as of mid March) have been very spotty, most are 50% or more losers, but there is some value to being alerted to technical stock formations that are interesting.

Anonymous said...

I'm a current subscriber to the Winning Edge service. Got roughed up during April, but they have hit a string of good trading lately and I'm now back up.

I think that the open trades you have listed are from their free emails, which I often find you get what you paid for with those.

I'll keep checking in with my experience, but I'm satified right now and the winning edge's current open positions are catching the current turnaround in selling well.

Anonymous said...

They auto renewed my account a day BEFORE sending me an email stating I needed to click here to renew. I am talking with thier service and I will post the results. This was disceptive to say the least.


wjw452 said...

stay away from him he does not know what he is doing! i lost over 20000.00 working with him stay away!!!!!!!!!! wjw452@gmail.com

Blogger said...

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