Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Robert Hsu and YZC

Original Post Date: August 19 2008
Removed copyright content and reposted

It was a cold winter evening when Mr. Robert Hsu sent his China Profit Stragegy subscribers the following advice on January 31st 2008:

New Buy: Yanzhou Coal Mining Co.
Yanzhou Coal Mining, a leading coal miner in Shandong [REMOVED]

Clearing the Air
Earlier we talked about [REMOVED].
Yanzhou Coal will also benefit from several other advantages. [REMOVED].

Strong Financials
Yanzhou also has a strong balance sheet. [REMOVED].
Buy YZC under $95. I expect the stock to hit $125 by the end of this year, which would give us profits of about 30%.

February 7th
Yanzhou Coal (NYSE: YZC): [REMOVED]. Buy YZC under $95.

February 14th
Yanzhou Coal (NYSE: YZC): [REMOVED]. YZC is a buy under $95.

March 6th Yanzhou Coal (NYSE: YZC): [REMOVED]. Buy YZC under $95.

April 3rd
Yanzhou Coal (NYSE: YZC), [REMOVED]. Buy Yanzhou Coal under $95.

April 10th
Yanzhou Coal (NYSE: YZC): [REMOVED], so I recommend that you buy YZC below $95.

April 24th
Yanzhou Coal (NYSE: YZC) recently reported strong earnings for fiscal year 2007. [REMOVED], so buy Yanzhou under $95.

May 1st
Yanzhou Coal (NYSE: YZC) recently reported another quarter of strong earnings. [REMOVED]. Buy YZC when shares are below $95.

May 29th
Yanzhou Coal (NYSE: YZC) [REMOVED]. Buy YZC below $95.

June 5th
Yanzhou Coal (NYSE: YZC) shares slipped this week, trading down almost 12% since Monday. [REMOVED]. Hold YZC.

June 26th
Sell Yanzhou Coal
We bought Yanzhou Coal (NYSE: YZC) in late January [REMOVED], so we should sell YZC.

Let's see now the return of Mr. Hsu's subscribers:

Those who bought YZC at the end of January made a break-even.

Those who bought between March and mid-April made a good +15%.

Those who bought around May 22nd-29th (remember So far we have about a 17% gain in the company, and as the cost of coal continues its hike up, I look for shares prices to follow suit. Buy YZC below $95. ) made a -18% in 2 weeks...

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