Monday, November 17, 2008

Navellier working overtime

Louis Navellier's marketing department is working overtime these days. Only in last weekend I got 2 spams from them...

Spam number 1:

Obama's First Doubler: Buy Tonight!

Buy the stock named in tonight’s issue of Emerging Growth, and you could become Wall Street’s next millionaire.
The reason is simple:
It’s about to become one of the biggest beneficiaries of Barack Obama’s renewable energy future!
All thanks to this company’s advanced fuel conversion systems, 61% revenue growth and knockout 180% earnings surprise.
If you can grab this one now—before Obama’s first renewable energy bill becomes law—you could easily double your money or more as this stock soars from $36... to $48... to $72 or higher in the weeks and months ahead.

First of all, there was no tonight issue on November 16th. But the stock is FSYS, the one that Mr. Navellier is pushing since last august, when he bought it at $51.83 (its highest price since the 2001 bubble).
All happy that on November 7th FSYS moved from $26.71 to $38.80, he seems to forget that he payed it almost $52 and he is currently down 35% on FSYS.

Spam number 2:

I got this last Saturday. Here are the first lines (enough bulls..t - no need to post all).

Fellow Investor,
Despite the subprime sell-off…
Despite the mortgage meltdown…
Despite the housing slide and the chilling conditions that have sent millions to the poorhouse…
… I’m proud to say that our Blue Chip Growth stocks have not only been an “oasis” in these trying times but have also delivered double-digit gains in a market that’s punished 9 out of 10 investors.
I’m not saying it’s been smooth sailing—no investor in their right mind can say that given this year’s market.
But what I can tell you is that we’ve been able to look beyond the day-to-day gyrations of the market... ignore the continuous media mayhem…and focus squarely on the time-proven factors that have safely and systematically built my readers wealth over the past ten years:
Buying Fundamental Superior Stocks at the Right Time.
And I’m proud to say the results have been quite impressive!
Today we’re up 184% in Monsanto, up 49% in Gilead Sciences and up 35% in McDonald’s, just to name a few of our market-beating stocks.
I mention this not to boast, but simply to show you in black-and-white that this is not only how we’ve beaten the market by $3-to-$1 for 10 years now…
…but also how we will continue to beat the market in 2009—as our recent results have proven.

So much bulls..t in just a few lines...
  1. To have a look at the "oasis", the double digit gains and the quite impressive results of Blue Chip Growth you can go here, here, here, or here. Or even here.
  2. Monsanto is up 156% (not 184%) and lost 50% since June 2008 (missed profit is much bigger that current, unrealized gain)
  3. Gilead is up 48% at $46 and is still $10 below its levels of August 2008

In addition to MON, GILD and MCD, Navellier's BlueChip portfolio is currently up 20% with B??, 15% with C?? and 1% with P??. All other stocks are down, more precisely:

Conservative stocks (average -5.46%)

  • -4.23% on A??
  • -46.64% on A??
  • -0.02% on C?
  • -36.43% on D??
  • -28.54% on E??
  • -9.77% on E???
  • -4.15% on G??
  • -23.53% on N??
  • -48.42% on N???
  • -35.92% on O??
  • -18.68% on P??
  • -18.21% on P?
  • -28.83% on R??
  • -46.40% on S??
  • -25.50% on U??
  • -15.54% on W??

Moderately aggressive stocks (average -45.12%)

  • -68.48% on A??
  • -21.23% on A???
  • -64.55% on C?
  • -55.37% on F??
  • -38.74% on H??
  • -48.56% on I??
  • -31.14% on M?
  • -64.09% on W??
  • -60.74% on W??

Aggressive stocks (average -55.65%)

  • -53.60% on F???
  • -63.28% on G??
  • -27.47% on M??
  • -78.24% on S????

The overall "oasis" is currently down a quite impressive 22.53% (and it does not count the recent disastrous sells)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, KA! Your analysis of the performance of Louis Navellier's stock picks has kept me from suckering in. I'm losing money quite fast enough in blue chips that at least pay dividends and will come back when the economy recovers, without handing anybody money for dubious advice.
Thanks again,

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