Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Louis Navellier and DAR

Some time ago Louis Navellier closed a break even trade on DAR.

On November 3rd Louis Navellier told his $5.000/year Global Growth readers to buy Darling International (DAR) again.

This Week’s New Buys Darling International (DAR) operates the largest independent rendering operation in the U.S. The company collects and processes animal by-products and used cooking grease from approximately 115,000 restaurants, butcher shops, grocery stores and independent meat and poultry processors throughout the U.S. Its rendering operations produce yellow grease, tallow, and meat, bone and blood meal, which Darling sells in the U.S. as well as internationally to makers of soap, rubber, pet and livestock feed, and chemicals. Darling’s next earnings report will come out on Thursday. Last quarter, earnings rose 141.7% to 29 cents per share compared with 12 cents per share in the same quarter a year ago. Darling’s sales climbed 38.6% to $220.9 million. Wall Street expected earnings of 24 cents per share on sales of $205.2 million, so Darling posted a 20.8% earnings surprise and a 7.7% sales surprise. Darling continues to grow through strategic acquisitions and is a very good buy.

NOTE: no confidential information in the above sentences. All is public domain.

Close price on November 3rd was $7.13. No explaination yesterday when he wrote

This Week’s New Sells
I only have two sells this week, Graham (GHM) and Darling International (DAR).

Close price was $5.73 for a 19% loss in one week.

In the same week the S&P500 lost 4.8% from 966.30 to 919.21.

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