Monday, November 17, 2008

Goodbye Jeff

If you go to Jeff Manera's website you will notice that it has been shut down.
After the recent disasters with losses of over 50%, here is what you can read on his former homepage:

Jeff Manera's G3 Global Options will no longer be published.

G3 Global Options was created as an exciting online investment service that delivered incredible profits by focusing on emerging market options plays.
Although Jeff has enjoyed writing G3 Global Options for you, he is now shifting his focus to concentrate on other promising endeavors. As a result, G3 Global Options will no longer be published.
While we are disappointed to cease publication of this advisory service, we want to ensure that you continue to receive the best information available to help you reach your financial goals.
That's why we believe Big Money Options is a great alternative.
Written by Nick Atkeson and Andrew Houghton, Big Money Options is a weekly, online trading service that provides easy-to-execute options trades that will double your money (or better) twice a month, on average.
The Weekly Trading Landscape will provide Nick and Andrew's thoughts on where the market is heading based on what their options indicators are telling them. Now, your weekly issue may contain trading opportunities, but it is also possible that Nick and Andrew will contact you between Weekly Trading Landscapes with Alerts that contain actionable advice, including new buying opportunities or directions on how to cash out.
I trust you will find Big Money Options to be a valuable advisory service that can help you profit in these uncertain times and that you will greatly benefit from it in the years to come.
Just go to to learn more.

Based on 2008 results, Jeff should not be the only one to close his service...

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