Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another FSYS spam from Louis Navellier

Just got it.

November 10, 2008 We hit Fuel Systems out of the park last week, just like I told you we would. Louis Navellier here, and I'm not writing to you today to gloat. I'm writing to you to make a point. Alternative energy stocks are ready to run and you'd better get on board. Look at Fuel Systems. It CRUSHED estimates when it reported last week. Sales are UP 62%. Earnings went from a loss to a gain of $18 million. Outlook was raised?and the stock shot up 45% in a few hours. I think we'll see panic buying this week, and not just in Fuel Systems. [Usual marketing crap here]

Just to let you know Mr. Navellier bought FSYS at $56.81. Thanks to the fantastic rally of last Friday he is currently down 40% on FSYS.

No need to praise yourself Mr. Navellier.

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Timothy Bryce said...

Brilliant call, genius!