Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A reader's comment

I am happy other people share my point (I am not happy they lose money though) and I really hope this blog will be useful to them.

Here is what a reader wrote in a post comment. I think it is useful to repost it here:

Here is the latest disaster from Navellier.

NTRS: First posted in the Oct 2008 Newsletter

"Northern Trust Corporation (NTRS) is the trick play in our playbook! I know I've been telling you to steer clear of financials, but I'm going to make a very rare exception for this great stock. Why? Because Northern Trust doesn't have any exposure to the problems that are sinking other banks and brokerages! The stock is a huge bargain right now, and we'll buy in before Wall Street figures out how strong NTRS is. Northern Trust is a leading personal trust manager in the U.S., $3.6 trillion of assets under its custody, and manages corporate pension plans for institutional clients. Since some of the largest firms have been beat up so badly by the mess in financials and NTRS has come through unscathed, the money is pouring in! In the second quarter, Northern Trust's earnings were 28.6% higher than analysts' consensus estimates, and its Return on Equity is an impressive 19.9%–yet it trades at barely 17 times forecasted earnings. Buy this Conservative stock below $93."

Today's newsletter (Dec 2008):Sell NTRS (current price $42.16)

Net investement return: Over 40% decline in just under 2 months.

Thanks a lot Louis. I'm sure I could not have lost 40% in 2 months on my own!!!


Up&down said...

Is he paid to promote some stocks?

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