Monday, September 29, 2008

Introducing Michael Shulman

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You probably received the same message I got.

It came from Michael Shulman, one of [REMOVED] experts.

In the message Mr. Shulman was praising himself for many big profits: 28 money-doublers, or better, already this year!

In case you didn't get it, here it is:

The stock touts hate me. They want you to throw good money after bad. They want you to invest “for the long-term.” They want you to believe that the market is about to turn around.

But it’s NOT!

How much money have you lost chasing their hype?
Well, my friend, getting rich is the best revenge.
At ChangeWave Shorts, we’ve already doubled
their money or better 28 times in 2008.
And we’re just getting started.

Fellow Investor,

Investing in stocks today is a sorry proposition.

I’m sorry you’re losing money.

I’m sorry that consumers are tapped out. I’m sorry that many people won’t be able to heat their homes this winter. I’m sorry that the banking system is in worse shape than anyone’s telling you.

And I’m sorry that a load of broken companies are headed much, much lower in the months ahead.

Sure we get a nice up day everytime the government announces another bailout, but those good times don’t last long.

If you own stocks, you’re going to take more big losses. But I can show you how to offset those losseseven get ahead while others are losing ground… and double your money several times a month, for many months to come.

My name is Michael Shulman, and I run ChangeWave Shorts—a wildly successful investing service that helps you earn big profits when bad stocks go down.

I recommend simple put option trades that anyone can execute. I tell you exactly what to buy; what to pay; and when to sell to bank money-doubling gains.

The stock touts can call the market “bottom” all they want to. They hate me, because I’ve been right over and over again. And they’ll continue to hate me, because I’m right again.

Hundreds of companies—battered by tight credit, a consumer breakdown, the housing mess and more—will face rough sledding for many months to come. And mark my words, there’s even more horrible news that hasn’t come out yet. And at ChangeWave Shorts, we will ride every bit of negativity for more big gains like these:

176% gains in 5 weeks;106% gains in 3 months;
184% gains in 7 weeks; 121% gains in 3 months;
152% gains in 11 weeks; 155% gains in 7 weeks;
175% gains in 2 months; 246% gains in 8 days;
% gains in 2 months;108% gains in 3 weeks;
137% gains in 2 weeks;179% gains in 2 months;
143% gains in 2 months; 262% gains in 7 weeks;
138% gains in 7 days;132% gains in 14 weeks;
285% gains in 4 days; 157% gains in 3 weeks;
109% gains in 10 weeks;% in 6 weeks;
108% gains in 3 days;195% gains in 2 ½ months;
200% gains in 6 months;133% gains in 14 days;
118% gains in 3 weeks; 114% gains in 21 days;
115% gains in 2 days; 144% in 1 month.

That’s 28 money-doublers, or better, so far in 2008. All trades of record, listed with our fullChangeWave Shorts track record at our subscriber Web site.

If you’ve done that well, my hat’s off to you. But if you haven’t, I urge you to give ChangeWave Shorts a try.

Trading the ChangeWave Shorts way is easy… very profitable… and the very best way to play defense AND offense in tough times like these.

See for yourself. Get your immediate risk-free trial subscription now.

The worst isn’t over—
not by a long shot

I just got the first peek at our latest ChangeWave Alliance reading on business spending, and it’s BRUTAL.

These are the worst numbers we’ve seen since the dot-com implosion.

Spending is down virtually across the board. And when you couple that with our recent consumer numbers—the numbers were so dismal, they almost made me cry—it is crystal-clear that no matter what the government wonks are chirping…

…we’re headed for an even deeper economic mess.

I wouldn’t buy another stock right now. I’d take any profits I still have. And I’d invest whatever cash I can spare for more big, money-doubling profits on the short-side.

So please, join me at ChangeWave Shorts now.

I can’t wait to hear
your short-side success story

Like this:

“I started investing on the short side in February 2007 with an initial investment of $15,000. Since I was new to the short side, I used my Vegas money and followed your advice very closely. Not only was the year profitable but it was also very exciting, because when things started to move they moved very quickly. My goal was to build the account value to $ ,000 and I am almost there. As of today my short side account stands at over $73,000.”

Or this:

“I'm a new subscriber to your service and am quite impressed with the resultsso far. I could never quite put 2 and 2 together on how to profit from this housing downturn until I started up with your service.”

Or this:

“Many, many thanks for what you have helped me to accomplish. I started out with $13,000 in a rollover IRA and started using options in early July 2007. Well, with some bad recommendations from other companies AND mostly my own personal big-time mistakes, the account was worth $7,600 by mid-October 2007. I began using your recommendations around mid-October solely because I had become a bear at heart. Due to your sound recommendations, about 1 week or so ago the account hit $18,000, but has now settled back to $16,200. Thanks be to God and to you for your work and effort providing me with a 113% return from my lows in 3 months’ time.”

Or this:

“I just wanted to thank you for a great run on the "Short Side." My trading account was really hurting as of August '07, and since I followed your advice I have nearly doubled it. This has been an unbelievable experience in trading. Keep up the great recommendations.”

Or this:

“I’ve been trading options for only 6 months and after “trying” various options newsletters, I’m down to yours alone. To say I’m happy with your service would be an understatement.”

Get started on your own success story right now.

Double your money at least 3 times
in the next 90 days, or your subscription
is on me. You pay nothing

I want to see you double your money.

Over and over again.

Then double it some more. That’s why I’m extending this guarantee to you today: Follow my recommendations, make my trades, and you will make at least 3 trades that double your money in the next 90 days…

…or your subscription to ChangeWave Shorts is on me. You pay nothing. Nada. Zilch. Accept your risk-free trial subscription by going here now.

We recently banked another 144% gain
from Merrill Lynch

Merrill was such an easy target. For the life of me, I can’t imagine why more people aren’t trading the mortgage meltdown this way.

It’s easy money just laying there.

In fact, Merrill Lynch has been the “gift that keeps on giving.” We’ve banked 77% gains, 27% gains, 51% gains and 88% gains in previous Merrill trades.

Are there more profits to be made there? See for yourself by joining me at ChangeWave Shorts.

But while Merrill’s folly has proven quite good news for us, we’ve fared equally as well—and in some cases much better—from other companies caught up in the mortgage meltdown.

Sales of antacids went through the roof as the homebuilders collapsed, but my subscribers banked gains like these:

  • 300% in Hovnanian puts
  • 173% in DR Horton puts
  • 223% in Lennar puts; among others.

Then more teeth-gnashing followed as the banking sector collapsed. But we bet against…

…Wachovia for 195% gains
…Bank of America for 114% gains
…Bear Stearns for 285% gains
…Citigroup for 179% gains
…Countrywide for 175% gains
…and even the whole sector using puts on an ETF for 143% gains.

All in all, my ChangeWave Shorts subscribers
have doubled their money or better 28 times already this year—and I see nothing but more short-side opportunities ahead

The mortgage meltdown was the “perfect storm.” But you don’t need the perfect storm to make a ton of money by trading put options.

Since I started this service nearly two years ago, we have capitalized on minor trends, mega-wipeouts and company-specific problems to load up on profits:

  • As the home market sputtered, the pain radiated outward. We banked 131% gains from puts in supplier Louisiana Pacific and 152% gains from a Home Depot trade.
  • Consumer confidence dropped like a rock, and spending followed—leading to big opportunities in retailers (200% gains in Liz Claiborne puts; 190% gains from Dollar Tree, among others) and restaurants (244% from Ruby Tuesday puts, among others).
  • And of course—like always happens, bad markets and good—we’ve enjoyed big profits in companies with their own specific problems: 175% gains from Vonage puts; 184% gains from a trade in Amgen; 262% gains from Motorola puts, among others.

If you believe that the market is headed straight up from here—a “rising-tide” market that lifts all boats equally—then ignore what I’m saying and buy stocks with abandon.

But if you sense more volatility ahead—a time when dire-straight companies and even some entire sectors might falter—then you owe it to yourself to investigate the short-side further.

Your trial to ChangeWave Shorts is entirely risk-free, and an entirely new world of money-doubling profits is waiting for you here.

Here's what you get with your
risk-free trial

ChangeWave Shorts is a convenient electronic service—you’ll get all our communications via the Internet through the e-mail address of your choice.

  • Each week you’ll receive our ChangeWave Shorts Weekly Update. There we review current trades in our portfolio; share lessons learned in our trading; explain trading strategies; provide our market and sector outlook; and detail what we’re hearing from our 15,000-member ChangeWave Research Alliance now, including our “watch list” trades, so you’ll be ready to pull the trigger when and if the time comes.
  • Whenever needed, you’ll receive ChangeWave Shorts Alerts. That’s where you’ll get your first look at most of our recommended trades, plus full instructions when it’s time to close trades and pocket your profits as well.

    Some trades target individual stocks. Some cover broad market indexes. And still more zero in on specific industries and sectors. Some may play out in a few weeks... others could take several months or more. But each one will target gains of 50%-250%.
  • Full 24/7 use of our subscriber-only ChangeWave Shorts website, where you can conveniently view all our current advice, strategies and track record.
  • Plus immediate online access to all our ChangeWave Shorts current recommendations.

Start profiting on the short-side now.


Michael Shulman
ChangeWave Shorts

P.S. 28 money-doublers, or better, already this year!

If you’ve done nearly that well, you should start your own investing service. But if you haven’t, you should join mine.

Buying “puts” is the easy way to make BIG PROFITS when stocks go down. And I do mean easy.

You can be a winner—a big winner—while most investors flounder, even if you’ve never traded options before.

My video primers show you how simple it is to trade put options; my complete buy instructions for every trade will give you total confidence; and you will enjoy big profits on the short-side that most investors miss out on entirely.

Please join me now.

It is so promising that I decided to have a look at his current portfolio so to understand how happy his customers are now.

Recession/Consumer Spending
SymbolDate BoughtEntry PriceLast PriceReturn %Sell Stop
Option 1removed$2.45$0.75-69.39%None
Option 2removed$0.85$0.05-94.12%None
Option 3removed$1.55$0.20-87.10%None
Option 4removed$1.00$0.15-85.00%None
Option 5removed$1.55$1.29-16.77%None
Option 6removed$2.00$1.34-33.00%None
Option 7removed$2.90$0.75-74.14%None
Option 8removed$1.35$1.30-3.70%None
Option 9removed$1.65$0.45-72.73%None
Option 10removed$1.00$0.45-55.00%None
Option 11removed$0.50$0.35-30.00%None
Option 12removed$3.80$3.70-2.63%None
Option 13removed$1.15$1.3013.04%None
Option 14removed$3.90$4.207.69%None


SymbolDate BoughtEntry PriceLast PriceReturn %Sell Stop
Option 1removed$2.74$2.03-25.91%None
Option 2removed$1.75$2.2428.00%None
Option 3removed$1.20$1.254.17%None
Option 4removed$1.62$0.78-51.85%None
Option 5removed$3.50$2.30-34.29%None
Option 6removed$1.00$1.4040.00%None
Option 7removed$0.60$0.9863.33%None


Homebuilders and Cousins
SymbolDate BoughtEntry PriceLast PriceReturn %Sell Stop
Option 1removed$1.80$0.05-97.22%None
Option 2removed$1.55$1.00-35.48%None
Option 3removed$2.14$1.55-27.57%None
Option 4removed$2.60$1.65-36.54%None
Option 5removed$1.25$1.05-16.00%None


Tech and Biotech
SymbolDate BoughtEntry PriceLast PriceReturn %Sell Stop
Option 1removed$1.08$0.41-62.04%None
Option 2removed$1.90$1.35-28.95%None
Option 3removed$1.20$0.25-79.17%None
Option 4removed$1.00$0.05-95.00%None
Option 5removed$1.30$0.20-84.62%None
Option 6removed$0.63$0.30-52.38%None
Option 7removed$1.02$1.2522.55%None
Option 8removed$1.37$0.85-37.96%None


Commodities and China
SymbolDate BoughtEntry PriceLast PriceReturn %Sell Stop
Option 1removed$2.10$0.55-73.81%None

On average, Mr. Shulman is currently down 36.67%


Anonymous said...

Huh? When short selling, you make money only if the stock goes down. I wish I had this list of losers before the market tanked!

Anonymous said...

I "Paper Traded" (TOS PaperMoney) with this guy for 2 months and lost my virtual shirt. He only goes short (buys puts) and the market was going up. Even though his primer recommends stop losses, he never uses them. I'm beginning to think all these guys at Investor's Place just sell their options to their subscribers, at a buy-under price above what they paid. They are sure of making money due to their captive market and if the options go down later, it's not their problem.

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