Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Louis Navellier and SOLF

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Original post date September 3rd

UPDATED September 3rd 2008

I am sure you got at least 2 email messages from Mr. Louis Navellier pumping SOLF.

Here is the latest I got, on August 26th. Mr. Navellier was trying to convince me to buy SOLF on August 26th, between $18.62 and $19.94 .

It’s time for investors who want big profits to put up—or shut up.
Louis Navellier here and I’m in a hurry this morning, so I’ll be brief.
Solar got whacked earlier in this year, but now its back and bargains abound.
Navellier Research has put the entire solar business under the microscope.
Most of what we saw we didn’t like even at give-away prices.
Almost everything else was dumb because the companies had no control over pricing.
One exception: a company that REPEATEDLY delivers positive earnings surprises. Tomorrow—yes, TOMORROW—it will do it again.
And that’s not all.
I first alerted you to this solar stock at $13. Then I told you about it again at $26.
This is your LAST CHANCE.
You have 24 hours to bag a very fast doubler.

[... cut ...] Sorry Louis, it seems like I missed it...

Solar power use is doubling every 24 months. It will be 1,000 times bigger in the next two decades.

[... cut ...] For how long is such a growth sustainable? It looks like microprocessors and RAM memory: doubling performance every 2 years but dividing prices by 2 in the same time. Solar technology is becoming a commodity. And in a commodity like market there is price competition. Thus, in the mid term, no profit.

Evergreen Solar recently reported earnings and…they stank. The reason is that prices for silicon are going up faster than prices of panels, and this is squeezing many solar companies.

[... cut ...]

Third: The Action(You Have 24 Hours)
In March, our little solar company reported knock-out earnings. The stock shot up 69%.
In May, our mighty solar mouse reported knock-out earnings AGAIN.
And AGAIN, the stock shot up, this time by 102%.
Both times, the easy money was made in the 10 days BEFORE earnings were reported.
Both times, the earnings surprise was 101% more than projected!
THIS TIME, earnings will be reported tomorrow, August 27, and THIS TIME, I want you with your hands cupped, scooping up the windfall.
ESPECIALLY BECAUSE THIS TIME not only will the earnings be excellent (possibly even more than 101% above estimates), but also the outlook will be even better!

[... cut ...]

My Expectation:A Double (Easy)
The undervalued solar stock ready to report tomorrow is expected by Navellier Research to achieve as much as a 103% profit in the next 90 days.

OK, Louis. See you in 90 days. But let's remember our readers that on August 25th you were writing in your $5.000/year Quantum Growth: SOLF: Buy Below $24.01.

It seems like as of today September 3rd 2008 the Double (easy) did not happen. I would like to know what people think now: those who followed Mr. Navellier when he "first alerted you to this solar stock at $13" and those who bought SOLF when Mr. Navellier "told you about it again at $26". Yesterday SOLF closed at $14.11. The latters are losing 45%.


Anonymous said...

I took his advise and bought 400 shares, all around $16-$18.00.... of course I had to pay $1395.00 to get this sorry advise.. I also subscribe to Emerging growth... so in the last 3 months, paying him $1690.00 for advise, my portfolio is down $7000.00.. he is heavily waited in oil and energy stocks, all which have nose dived since July. I have emailed him several times about the SOLF email (no response of course)... This morning, I called cust svc to complain.... the "supervisor" I talked to said she would forward my complaint... I am sure will go nowhere.... I am frustrated.... Has anyone else out there been burned by Navellier?


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