Thursday, September 25, 2008

Marine stocks go strong

Las August 29th, in one of his newsletters, Louis Navellier told his paying subscribers to sell TBSI because it got too volatile.

Selling TBSI at around $28.91 after having bought it at the end of May at $45.92 was not a big deal (just a -37%) because Mr. Navellier and his readers still had other two marine transportation stocks that were still going strong.

In the chart you can see the performance of TBSI from August 29th to yesterday September 24th (light blue) compared to the other two stocks (red and yellow).

The red one, still in Mr. Navellier's portfolio has done better than TBSI, losing only 25% of it's value (currently down 15%), but the yellow one, also still in portfolio (currently down 49.7%), performed even worse than TBSI.

The average of these three trades (two are still open though) is -33%.

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