Friday, September 26, 2008

Louis Naveller and RIMM

Mr. Navellier was right when in one of his recent spam he included RIMM in the list of stocks ready for the wipeout.

RIMM is currently down 22% since yesterday and down almost 50% since its maximum of $148.13.

Nevertheless, Mr. Navellier still has RIMM in his portfolio. Just a few weeks ago he was writing that RIMM would have led the earnings charge for his BuyList, offering up its quarterly report on Sept. 25. He also expected great things from RIMM, thanks to efforts to change the BlackBerry brand from a corporate tool into a hot item for tech-savvy consumers.

I had a corporate Blackberry but I bought an iPhone myself, with my money, rather to use that crap. And it seems like many others are doing the same...

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