Monday, September 29, 2008

Louis Navellier and CEO

Original post date: September 9th 2008
Removed copyright info and reposted.

Louis Navellier story with CEO begins (in my [REMOVED] archive) on October 22nd 2007 when CEO was approaching $200 per share after doubling in just a few months.
As Mr. Navellier and his friends usually do, he decided to buy CEO at its highest price ever: $180.84.

He was writing:


Buy Below: $191.58


The week after he moved his buy below limit to $225.20.
On November 12th (while price got back to $161) he wrote:


One week later...

We are selling Netherlands’ [REMOVED], China’s CNOOC Ltd. (CEO) and [REMOVED].

Price was $155.25. An average 14% loss.

On January 14th Mr. Navellier told again his $5.000/year [REMOVED] subscribers to buy CEO. This time at $178.25. Please note: 15% higher than previous sell price...

Buy Below: $192.14


CEO went back over $200 in May 2008, but Mr. Navellier was probably napping that day. He waited until July 28th to tell his paying subscribers to sell CEO at $144.85. Another 18% loss for Mr. Navellier & C.

So, just to recap, from October 2007 to July 2008 on CEO Mr. Navellier made:
  1. 14% loss
  2. 15% missed profits
  3. 18% loss
All for only $5.000/year.

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