Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Louis Navellier and AIXG

Original post date: August 24th 2008
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I saw many times Louis Navellier doing the same trade more than once. Usually the second time he loses his first time gains.

Let's have a look at what he did with AIXG.

July 9th, 2007
[REMOVED]. However, since this stock is very thinly traded, you should only place limit orders within 10 cents of the previous day's closing price. On that day AIXG closed at $9.51

March 10th, 2008
This week, we have five sells and one new buy. Our sells are Germany's Aixtron AG (AIXG)... Closing price was $12.16

Good for Louis and his $5.000/year Global Growth subscribers: a +27% for them.

June 2nd 2008
This week's new buy is Germany's Aixtron AG (AIXG), [REMOVED]
Well, you sold it at $12.16 3 months ago and now you buy it again at $14.83? That's a missed profit of 21%.

June 16th 2008
This week, we have three sells and no new buys. We're selling Germany's Aixtron AG (AIXG), which fell last week on no specific news...
Close price was $12.88. That makes a -13% in 2 weeks on this trade.

First trade +27%
Missed profit 21%
Second trade -13%


Mr. SIngh The Bus Driver said...

SOLF u didn't post his 50% gain almost u have to give him credit when he deerves

Anonymous said...

What a performance with SOLF...