Thursday, October 9, 2008

John Lansing and the Good Times Ahead

In one of his spam messages, dated April 29th 2008 Mr. John Lansing was writing about the market correction.

Here is his message:

“CAUTION: Good Times Ahead”

“Ain't nothing gonna break my stride
Nobody's gonna slow me down
Oh no, I've got to keep on moving!”

~ lyrics by Men at Work

If you think that it’s about time I jumped on the market-bashing bandwagon and started singing the tune of a downtrodden trader with little hope of recovery in this “evil” market… sorry, no dice. Ain’t gonna happen, my friends!

I have way too much confidence that this market is far and away going to outperform and outdo all of our expectations.

No one said that a market correction is fun. It’s not. But it’s to be expected. Unless you are brand-new to this game, you should be well aware that the market ebbs and flows. Yet, all of us somehow convince ourselves that the bad times have never been this bad and that we will never recover from it. But they have and we will. We always do.

So accept the market’s correction as just that—a correction. And then allow your mind to believe in a rally. A really BIG rally. One that will surge to NASDAQ 3126 (and probably beyond)!

Let’s Get Specific

I spit out 3126 as a target I expect us to hit. How could I possibly be so specific? Am I picking a number out of a hat? Nope. There is always a method to my madness! (In fact, that’s what is so great about Trending123. You can count on me to show you the “why’s” and “how come’s” of trading in every market. Find out more here.) The number comes out of my careful study of the Fibonacci Retracement.

Though it may sound like something out of the Da Vinci Code, the Fibonacci Retracement is very real. The term is used in technical analysis to refer to the likelihood that a financial asset's price will retrace a large portion of an original move and find support or resistance at the key Fibonacci levels before it continues in the original direction.

The likelihood that we will hit certain levels is all determined for us by Fibonacci. And that is how I am able to confidently say we will strike 3126.

But it’s not enough for me to be confident and certain about this market and where it is headed. You have to believe it as well. I can help you. First, learn more about Fibonacci Retracement so that you are satisfied with its ability to make concrete market predictions. Then join me “full-time” as a Trending123 member. You’ll have an automatic, all-access pass to educational tools, portfolios (current, options, watch list), buy alert emails, chart patterns (including lessons on how to use them to your best advantage), daily updates, sector performance charts and much, much more!

What are you waiting for? This is a perfect time to change your tune about this market—let me inject some positive news into your system. Together we can prosper!

John LansingTrending123

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What can we add? Mr. John Lansing is a real expert. Nasdaq will surely go up to 3.126, but nobody know if it will this year or this century.

In the meanwhile:
  • Nasdaq is at 1.740, -28% since April 29th and 44% below Mr. Lansing's visionary 3.126
  • Dow Jones is at 9.258, -28% since April 29th, and
  • S&P500 is at 894, -29% since April 29th, and
So, we should all hurry up and join Trending123 now. Let's go!

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