Thursday, October 2, 2008

Emerging Spam

Louis Navellier's marketing department is working overtime these days, with markets going bad and Navellier's stocks going still worse.

I think more and more Navellier's readers unsubscribe his newsletters day after day.

So, he sent a brand new spam promoting Emerging Growth. Here it is (comments in red):

Understand the market and you will never be surprised by it.

Listen to the market and you will never find yourself at cross purposes with it.

Here’s what the market is telling us right now.
The Market Gets Back To Basics

You see, reports of the Death of Wall Street are greatly exaggerated. Wall Street, even now, is getting back to basics.

A recession is almost upon us…quarterly earnings statements are being prep’d…the merger business is booming…the election is barreling ahead…and all across the globe this evening, billions of people are thinking of ways to make their lives better and happier.

Understand: I have been the most vocal critic of the way that derivatives have distorted the system, but those who say the system itself is broken are WRONG. And they will never make you rich.

Wall Street isn’t dead.

The market, which ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS looks ahead, is once more interested in value.

I call it…

…The Great Value
Restoration Event

…and it is happening right now!

It is happening for companies that solve problems and exceed earnings expectations. Companies that stick to the knitting and put their innovative energies into their products, not into their accounting.

Companies that are small enough to be nimble in these tumultuous times, but big enough to be profitable. Often--wildly profitable.

Here are 4 examples, taken straight out of today’s Emerging Growth:

  1. Night-vision defense system: Sales are up 40%, earnings up 75%.

This is AXYS, that in the last two months moved from $75 to less than $60, losing 24% versus the 13% loss of the S&P500.

  2. Doubles, even triples the miles you get to the gallon: Sales are up 50%, earnings up 1,066%!

This is FSYS, that from August 19th lost 45% of its value (from $59.59 to $30.04) versus the 13% of the S&P500.

  3. Ushering in the new era of personalized medicine: Sales and earnings up 66%

This is ILMN. From August 20th ILMN moved from $47 to $36 losing 21% of its value compared to the S&P500 loss of 12% in the same period.

  4. Finding new oil fields in the U.S.: Sales up 84%, earnings up 164%

This should be WLL.  From July 2nd WLL lost 45% of its value (from $110 to $60) compared with a loss of 13% of the S&P500.

There are companies that continue to win--even when Wall Street loses.

Small caps like these are already taking the lead--while the S&P 500 and the Dow 50 companies stagger under the weight of legacy pension plans, debt and shrinking margins.

  o 12 of our Emerging Growth stocks were up 10-14% yesterday! 
And they lost much more since then...

These are first movers and…

…The Risk Is In
NOT Buying Them!

If I had to name ONE company out of the two dozen I identify in the just-released issue of Emerging Growth as the next generation of winners, it would be this one:
This stock continues to utterly defy the Wall Street bust--rising 249% in the time it took for the S&P 500 to shed 10%!

Like every stock on the Emerging Growth Buy List, it solves an urgent problem.

It cuts carbon emissions in cars and trucks by 25%.

It drops the cost of fuel at the pump down to $1.90 or less. AND it allows you to get at least 40 miles to the gallon, with one single modification, the cost of which is subsidized!

No wonder the stock is defying Wall Street’s hysteria.

No wonder that T. Boone Pickens has a stake.

Or that companies that run fleets of trucks are standing in line to convert to this system.

Or that GM and Ford want to provide the company’s aftermarket conversion kits.

Is it any wonder that the stock gapped up almost 29% recently in a SINGLE SESSION?
See the full story here

But This Is Just The Start…

…of a truly monster run. The Emerging Growth Buy List is up 42,000% and the reason is: 249% gains in a small innovative stock are often just the appetizer served before the main course.

And so it is with this stock.

Last quarter, the company reported second quarter results.
• Revenue rose 50%.
• Earnings rose 10-fold.
• Earnings per share when a non-cash impairment charge is deducted are almost 20 TIMES HIGHER than the same quarter last year.
• Gross profit margin is up 70%
• And cash on hand nearly doubled

Technically, this was what they call a blowout. Even better, though, was the guidance, which was raised very significantly.

Meanwhile not a single insider has sold--in spite of a tempting 249% gain in the last 6 months. Clearly, THEY believe there’s much more to come!

Like what?


Interestingly, the company is doing massive business in Australia: sales of conversion kits tripled when the government offered $1,800 grants for each vehicle conversion in order to promote cleaner air standards.

California is studying the Aussie model.

And BOTH Senators Obama and McCain AND Congress agree that city bus systems and local delivery fleets must be encouraged to convert to our company’s fuel system.

So it is no wonder that insiders are positively clinging to their stock!

It is no wonder that ANOTHER 100%…even another 249% is in the cards.

But THIS TIME, we could make it even quicker!

It’s Time To Buy These
Companies Again!

Now is the time--a golden moment for emerging growth companies.

  1. Small stocks always make the turn out of recession the quickest. They’re already lean and mean, so every new contract fattens the bottom line. Blue chips are still adapting, retooling, laying off, while small competitors race ahead.

  2. The bear market stripped analysts from small stocks--no one’s covering them anymore. This creates wonderful pricing anomalies and gives the private investor a significant edge.

  3. Earnings are a big no-show among the big blue chips this quarter. It’s not just the Big 3 automakers--it’s Cisco and Microsoft, too. Yesterday’s innovators have become today’s 3%-per-year-if-you’re-lucky stocks. Meanwhile, innovative stocks featured in Emerging Growth sport earnings growth two, five, ten times higher than the blue chips can manage. That means, when one of our emerging growth stocks announced a 700% earnings increase recently, it attracted huge attention--and massive money.

  4. Innovation hasn’t vanished in America. In the last 6 years a new generation of visionary leaders and brilliant rule-breakers has quietly emerged. They have very little in common with the dot com artists of the late ’90s. Indeed, today’s breed of global innovators remind me most of the hard-nosed entrepreneurs who founded companies in the early ’80s. Innovation hasn’t vanished but, just like the early ’80s, investors aren’t seeking these companies out. That’s your opportunity.

Get It Today

Then join us here at Emerging Growth. We find innovators. Hansen Natural, identified early by our system, was up 9,400%. In 5 years, 10,000 shares of Hansen, bought for $40,000, were worth $3,800,000.

And that was no fluke. Dell, Google, True Religion, Intercontinental Exchange, Guess? Inc., Autodesk, America Movil, Precision Castparts weren’t flukes, either.

But they were once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

And there’s only one place you could have found them: Emerging Growth.

Join us today and you’ll never miss out on these opportunities again.

I’ll Take The Risk
You Take The Profit

A year of Emerging Growth regularly costs $995 but I don’t want you to pay anything like that much.

Today only, I am allowing just a few investors in for a 90 day trial of just $295.

That’s right: Try Emerging Growth for just $295. See for yourself how you can make 100%…or even 249% profits by Inauguration Day!

Then and only then, when you’ve seen for yourself what Emerging Growth can do for you, decide. If I underperform your expectations…or fail to keep your portfolio safe…or for any reason whatsoever within your first 60 days, get your original subscription fee back IN FULL, with no ifs, ands, or buts.

So you see, the risk is all mine. I don’t want you to subscribe to Emerging Growth as a leap of faith. Let me take the risk.

This is a never-before offered, once-in-a-lifetime offer. Your last chance!

Don’t put this off.

I look forward to hearing from you! 
 Louis Navellier,
Editor Emerging Growth
“#1 for 20 years, 1985-2005”

P.S. LAST CHANCE. Grab this best-offer-ever TODAY.

The fuel-economy company that the next President (whoever he is!) will love is up 249% in the last 6 months, yet not a single insider has sold. That’s because the best is yet to come! Join us now and make your next 100%…even 249% profit…even quicker! Go here now.

P.P.S. Listen to the market, my friend. Never try to second guess it. The market is getting back to value. This is the perfect time to join us here at Emerging Growth!

Seen the results of AXYS, FSYS, ILMN and WLL I think you should think twice before following these crazy advices...

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