Thursday, October 2, 2008

Robert Hsu and the Top 5 Stocks

Original post date: August 5th 2008
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On June 24th 2008 Mr. Robert Hsu hosted a conference call with his paying subscribers, during which he gave his point on the stock market.
When I was a subscriber of one of his newsletters I attended one of these calls and basically Mr. Hsu spent the whole time explaining why his forecasts did not come true.
The interesting point on this June 24th call is that Mr. Hsu explained which were for him the Top 5 Stocks of his Asia Edge and China Profit portfolios.

They were:
  1. Mosaic (MOS)
  2. Atwood Oceanics (ATW)
  3. Petrobras (PBR)
  4. [Removed since still in Asia Edge Portfolio] (C??)
  5. [Removed since still in Asia Edge Portfolio] (S???)
Let's have a look at how well these five stocks performed from June 24th up to now.

June 24thAugust 4thGain/Loss

Well done, Mr. Hsu.


Mr. Hsu sold ATW, MOS and PBR. He still owns C?? and S??? on which he is down around 5% and 21%.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Hsu lacks the practical judgment on stocks. He does not manage to even beat a simple index fund. Bad advice.

Anonymous said...

I invested in EJ last May at 17+$ on Mr. Hsu's avid advice. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I managed to get out at twelve. Today it's trading below 9.
And I paid him well for this timely tip!