Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another FSYS spam from Louis Navellier

Surprise Winner of Tonight's Presidential Debate‏

This is the title of the latest spam from Mr. Louis Navellier promoting Emerging Growth.

The stock he is pushing is FSYS. Shares of FSYS dropped from $60 to $29 in the last 2 months and maybe Mr. Navellier is trying to pump them so to catch up part of his loss.

But that is not the point today. I would like to only fix a couple of errors in his newsletter. Or better, to update it since it seems like it was written some time ago then recycled over and over.

Mr. Navellier (or somebody from his Marketing Department) writes:

And while most investors have lost money this year, our Emerging Growth readers are holding on to these great profits:

  • Graham Corporation, up 39%
  • Robbins & Myers, up 37%
  • AZZ, up 78%
  • Valmont Industries, up 25%
  • FLIR Systems, up 50%
Up to date gains (to yesterday close prices) are the following:
  • Graham Corporation, up 2.2%
  • Robbins & Myers, up 17.93%
  • AZZ, up 46.68%
  • Valmont Industries, up 13.61%
  • FLIR Systems, up 35.24%

And these are the BEST stocks in current portfolio. There are currently other 2 winners and 30 losers (one of them is at -75%).

Just for sake of precision...

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