Thursday, October 9, 2008

Robert Hsu and MTL

Original post date: August 7th 2008
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Mr. Hsu's $3.000/year paying readers were happy a couple of weeks ago, when their guru told them to sell MTL before it went down like a stone.

In fact, on July 23rd 2008 Mr. Hsu wrote to sell MTL.

The day after MTL opened at $35.73 and closed the day at $22.84, losing over 30% in one day.

Mr. Hsu first bought MTL on March 28th 2007 at around $11 (adjusted for split) and he sold it at around $35 for a nice 240% gain.

I wouldn't write about this if Mr. Hsu didn't write on July 30th:

[REMOVED]. Thankfully, I recommended selling Mechel in last Wednesday's Asia Edge. [REMOVED]. Our timing couldn't have been more perfect -- since then, MTL has dropped 49%.

Dear Mr. Hsu, couldn't your timing have been more perfect? Really? So you want me to show the chart? Here it is:

Is it such a perfect timing to wait for the price to go down from above $55 at the beginning of June 2008 to $36 on July 23rd?

I really hope Mr. Hsu's paying readers sold at $50 in April, May or June and cashed in a 400% gain instead of waiting for their guide and lose $15 a share (or 150% missed profit on their initial investment).

Or even selling at $45 in February 2008 would have been much smarter.

But thankfully I can back check the perfection of Mr. Hsu timing reporting what he was writing before July 23rd.

  • May/June 2008: Continue to buy MTL below $60.
  • July 9th 2008: Continue to buy MTL below $60.
  • July 16th 2008: Continue to buy MTL below $60.
I am sure some of his paying readers followed his advice and bought MTL above $50 between April and June 2008 and sold at $36 for a 30% loss. I would be glad to know what they think of Mr. Hsu's perfect timing.

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