Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This guy is incredible...

This time he surpassed his limits... he wrote:

[...] massive winners like W&T Offshore (WTI), which gained a stunning 29%, and Sociedad Quimica y Minera (SQM), which was up a whopping 43%! Who says the commodity bubble has burst?


[...] massive winners like Weatherford International (WFT), which gained a stunning 28%, and Vimpel Communications (VIP), which was up a whopping 33%!

Mr. Navellier, you should know that those who followed you are currently down 26% on SQM, down 61% on WTI, down 48% on WFT and down 13% on VIP. They do not deserve this marketing junk.

Busy day today... Analysis on closed positions will follow, sooner or later...

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